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4 - Dimension

It is said that it is impossible to imagine the fourth dimension with our three-dimensional brains. None-the-less it is quite possible to comprehend some of the basic principals to the theory of hyper-dimensions.
On June 10 1854 George Bernard Riemann began to explain to the world the possibility of higher dimensions and do to the work he has done others have been able to use his theories and mathematical formulas to further understand the complexities of reality.

After the existence of the fourth dimension has been recognized how can one imagine the spaces occupied by the fourth dimension. Some have described it as light others sound. One example of physical description deals with the change from two to three dimensions.

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Power from Beyond

With the ability to pass into the fourth dimension come powers which could be described as magic. One could simply pass through solid matter, or even just shift from one location to another instantaneously .It's a simple matter of traveling through the fourth dimension rather than the other three. Buddhists are said to have supernatural powers. With a knowledge of how to manipulate the fourth dimension (through mediation and enlightenment) such powers become simple to understand.

Time as the Fourth Dimension

"Time as the fourth dimension" has been around since the theory of relativity by Einstein and his use of this variable in describing space. For us "time" seems to transcend the standard geometric of our three dimensional plane and become itself another dimension. Time therefore seems to have a perplexing significance in its relation to the fourth dimension.

The first dimension is linear,

The second dimension is perpendicular

The third dimension is square.

The fourth dimension is the one which you cannot touch.
The fourth dimension is the one which you cannot reach.
The fourth dimension is the one which you cannot understand.

"Generally, the fourth dimension is used as the synonym of the mysterious, miraculous, supernatural, incomprehensible, and fundamentally unknowable; as a kind of general definition of the super-physical worldly (Even in the scientific field, there's no precise and controllable definition of the fourth dimension).

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4th Dimension in Mind Sciences

Telekinesis, Thought projection, Goal achievement, Visualization, Meditation, Stress Management and Personality Development.

Every one desires health, happiness, security, peace of mind, but many fail to achieve it. Why is one man sad and the another man happy? Why is one man joyous and prosperous and another man poor and miserable?

Why is one man fearful and anxious and another man full of faith and confidence? Why is one speaker outstanding and immensely popular while another mediocre and unpopular? Why is one man a great success and another a total failure? Is there an answer to these questions? There most certainly IS.
The answer to all this lies in the basic foundations and functional laws of life and of mind. When properly understood and applied, the mind has a miracle working power that will lift us from confusion, misery and failures and guide us to our true destiny, solve our problems and difficulties and free us from our emotional and physical bondage.

The fourth dimension is a state of mind. Any desire when worked upon with faith and the right empowering belief creates subsequent results in the physical world.

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